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Vadivelu pays tribute to Abdul Kalam Sir

Vadivelu Pays Tribute to Abdul Kalam sir

Vadivelu Speaks to Media on Abdul Kalam Sir

Abdul Kalam sir is a Educational light for all youngsters and students. His death day is a black day for India.

It is a loss for every family in india. We all have lost our close relative.

I pray god that sir should guide us all from heaven. I request all students should aim to become a scientist like him. May his soul rest in peace.

India Glitz Praises Vadivelu

Indiaglitz wishes Vadivelu a very Happy Birthday and many more achievements and accolades in his acting career.

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A fan's admiration for Vadivelu

Vadivelu is the most admired comedian and I am here to justify that.

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A writer's opinion about Vadivelu

Vaigaipuyal Vadivelu - An Invisible Member of Family Ration Cards

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vadivelu pays tribute to aachi manorama

Vadivelu broken hearted on Aachi Manorama's loss

Sivaji sir is Nadipu thilagam and Aachi manorama is Nagaichuvai thilagam!

It is a big loss to me, cinema world and every tamilan.

Aachi manoram belongs to my comedy race and she made everyone laugh their hearts out including me.

I thank god for the role of imsai arasan as son of nagesh and aachi manorama.

I pray to god that her soul rests in peace.

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Vadivelu campaigns for nadigar sangam

vadivelu campaigns for nadigar sangam

Vadivelu Eli release speech

vadivelu Eli movie release speech

VadivEli new James bond look

Vadivelu's new look in Eli

Imsai Arasan 100th day celebrations

imsai arasan 100 day celebrations

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